Bespoke Boutique

Pod, Julie Baine’s Brookline Village shop, features a chic collection of pretty, practical wares. by anne vickman

THE CAREFULLY CURATED selection of home accessories and gifts at Pod makes for quite the sensory experience. It smells good. It looks good. It feels good. And the caramels next to the register definitely taste good. These delights are thanks to owner and infallible stockist Julie Baine, who sources both new and upcycled goods. “Often, I’m on the hunt for beat-up pieces of furniture or textiles to breathe life into,” says Baine. “But sometimes the objects are so lovely in their own decrepit state that they don’t need prettifying.”


1 Killer Bargain  All-purpose 8-ounce glass tumblers ($5 each) are among Pod’s bestsellers; they’ve been in stock since the shop opened 13 years ago.

2 Owner’s Fave  The store makes these bright cushions ($84 each) by hand from recycled Indian blankets and buckwheat hulls.

3 Editor’s Pick  Fresh-cut flowers are sold on Fridays, but succulents and topiaries ($10–$85) are always on hand.

4 Artistic Accessory  Handpainted Chinese fabric lanterns ($22) make for a festive décor statement.

5 Best Investment  Erica Tanov cotton quilts ($290–$320) are one of a kind. “It’s not a factory-produced thing. I love that the fabric isn’t found everywhere,” says Baine.

Photograph by Hornick/Rivlin