Portion Control

Jackie Falla, the business development director for Shawmut Design and Construction, tells us how she transformed 523 square feet in Charlestown into the space of her dreams.



1 Clear-Cut  Because Falla loves entertaining, the perfect dining table was a must. Her custom 40-inch round glass tabletop from Precision Glass Company fits well in the corner. “Transparency is important, because you don’t want the room to feel cluttered,” she says.

2 High Aspirations  Falla’s windows are wider than they are tall, but the painted valances “give the illusion that the window is much taller than it is,” she explains. Curtains that run to the floor further accentuate height.

3 Neutral Territory  Given her hectic schedule, Falla sought a calming interior. “But I wanted it to have some elegance, some high city style,” she says. “That’s why I decided on the black-and-silver stripe around the crown molding.”

4 Secret Stashes 
The custom-built TV cabinet by Essex Builders has a removable base that fits over the radiator, which means the unit can be moved if needed. The electronics are hidden by a folding panel, while books are stored in the bottom.

5 Well Proportioned  “I got an apartment-style sofa at first, and it just didn’t work,” explains Falla. “This Verellen couch from Hudson is much shorter, but it’s very deep and comfortable.”

6 Mixed Media  “In small spaces, it’s important to have multipurpose pieces,” she says of these diminutive, glass-topped side tables from Waterworks, which are actually designed for bathrooms.

Photograph by Bob O’Connor