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What's hot and not in home furnishing.

From Sizzling to Frigid: 

overdyed patchwork rug

Photo by Scott M. Lacey

Sizzling: Overdyed patchwork rugs
Colorful floor coverings made from carpet remnants. Recycling gone mad (but very smart)!



Toasty: Ikat
Ah, the fuzzy geometry, the faded colors, the post-post-Colonial glow cast over your entire living room.


Photo courtesy of Jayson Home & Garden

Tepid: Feed-sack-upholstered chairs
Shabby meets royal makes great tabloid fodder…but will they still be together in 10 years?

kitchen island


Chilly: The titanic kitchen island
When you’re on one side and the kids are spilling juice on the other, you’ll wish you hadn’t gone quite that big.



Frigid: Chandeliers
Obeying an unspoken 2005 design edict, we dutifully hung them everywhere—in our powder room, great room, mudroom. Now we want our head-room back.