The Road to Camelot

Joseph Kennedy III has just stepped onto the political launching pad. After leaving his job in the Cape and Islands district attorney’s office, JFK’s great-nephew is now a prosecutor with the Middlesex DA’s office — the starting place for a who’s who of big-name Massachusetts politicians.

Illustration by Sara Hayward/B & A Reps

Illustration by Sara Hayward/B & A Reps

John Kerry

  • U.S. Senator: 1985–present
  • First Assistant DA: 1977–1979

These days, it’s easy to think that Kerry emerged from the womb a full-grown senator, but even he was once just a young and hungry prosecutor.

Marty Meehan

  • UMass Lowell Chancellor: 2007–present
  • U.S. Congressman: 1993–2007
  • First Assistant DA: 1991–1992

He took the UMass job before Teddy’s seat became available…otherwise it could well have been Senator Meehan.

Martha Coakley

  • Massachusetts Attorney General: 2007–present
  • District Attorney:  1999–2007

Putting aside that one little campaign, she’s been a very popular attorney general.

Tom Reilly

  • Massachusetts Attorney General: 1999–2007
  • District Attorney: 1991–1999

Sixteen consecutive years in elected office is a pretty good run, and only Deval Patrick’s campaign tidal wave kept him from becoming governor.

Scott Harshbarger

  • Massachusetts Attorney General: 1991–1999
  • District Attorney: 1983–1990

A Democratic candidate for governor in 1998, Harshbarger remains Massachusetts’ liberal conscience.

Joseph Kennedy III

  • Assistant District Attorney

A talented speaker with a sparkling résumé, he’s the next great Kennedy hope.