The New Icons

No. 9’s prune-stuffed gnocchi. Toro’s grilled corn. The classics still stand tall, but a fresh crop of signature dishes has risen to join them.

the new icons

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

1. Collins Cocktails, Clio
Proof that this lineup of six Tom Collins variants is anything but average?The lemon juice is clarified in a centrifuge. The results outclass any gin-lemon-sugar-soda combo anywhere.

2. Bone Marrow Pizza, Coppa
With roasted marrow and beef heart, it could be a pure umami-bomb, But the addition of freshly grated horseradish lends this pie an earthy zing that’s utterly addictive.

3. Hamachi with Banana-Pepper Mousse, O Ya 
Subtly sweet, with a heat that crawls over your tongue and across your lips, these nigiri are gently torched to give them the tiniest hint of char.

4. Crispy Fried Pig Tails, Craigie On Main
No, they’re not curly or springy or weird. they’re like tiny, tender riblets amped up with Vietnamese flavors — spicy nuoc cham, pickled peanuts, cilantro. taste just one, and they’ll be a bar snack you crave.

5. Bread Basket, Bondir 
No bland extra, this rotating assortment of fresh-baked slabs often includes the Sea, a loaf made with seaweed and, oddly enough, dried shrimp; and crusty slices dotted with herbs and whole grains.

6. Kataifi-Wrapped Langoustines, Menton 
The shredded phyllo that envelops each petite, lobsterlike langoustine creates a crisp exterior that shatters delightfully with every bite — making for a dish that must never leave the restaurant’s menu.

7. Polenta with Wild Boar Ragu, Sportello 
Don’t ask how much butter goes into this creamy cornmeal dish. It’s grits gone Italian, and it’s all the better for the porky sauce spooned on top.

8. Chocolate Terrine with Sea Salt and Thai Basil Ice Cream, Ten Tables 
The basil gives the dish aromatic depth; the sea salt enhances its sweetness. And the terrine? Dark, dense, and intense, it’s a chocoholic’s certain downfall.

9. Lobster-Roe Noodles, Island Creek Oyster Bar 
They take their reddish-orange hue from lobster coral; topped with grilled braised short ribs and chanterelle mushrooms, they’re surf and turf in pasta form.

10. Crispy Soft-Poached Egg, Russell House Tavern 
Served with house-made pancetta and toasted brioche, this still-runny Chip-in Farm egg is modern gastropub fare defined — and the ideal companion to a brisk ale.

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