Fitness: Body by Boston

You've got resolutions. But you’ve also got more excuses than Dunkin’ has donuts, and it’s colder than an iced coffee out there. Your motivation level? Not exactly sky-high.

Edited by Casey Lyons


We’re here to help you get in shape!

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or looking to take things to the next level — whether you want to run a lap around the Common or sprint up Heartbreak Hill, find enlightenment through yoga or just touch your toes — consider this your guide to getting in the best shape of your life:

Start Running
How often have you heard yourself say, “I should run more”? Too often, probably. But believe it or not, that can change.

Build Strength
Want to hoist weights like Arnold in Pumping Iron? Easy, champ. You’ll get those muscles toned. But take it slow.

Eat Right
You know better than to go on a crash diet. But even smart folks want to believe in miracle methods to shrink the waistline. Truth is, they don’t exist.

Get Flexible
If you’ve never heard of yoga, let us be the first to welcome you out of your apocalypse bunker. Happy 2012!

Be a Fighter
First step: Find a fighting style that suits your goals and temperament, then get acquainted in a beginners’ class