Crave New World

A SoWa shop brings the warmth of South America to New England.

Photograph by Michael Piazza

A decade ago, Frank Campanale spent a month touring South America. Six years later, haunted by the beauty of the continent’s many cultures, he decided to launch Diseño, a shop featuring distinctive pieces made in the countries he adores — Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Bolivia. “It was really out of pure inspiration that I opened the store,” he says. “It was an expression of my appreciation for the region’s art and beauty, and it opened up a whole new adventure in my life.”

1. Most Versatile: This antique, hand-loomed Peruvian textile ($350) can be used as both a rug and wall art.

2. Editor’s Pick: Movie posters like this 1940s print ($450) were once found all over Buenos Aires.

3. Great Gift: Argentinean ceramic bowls ($26 each) are wrapped in cloth before firing, resulting in a rough exterior.

4. Wearable Art: Campanale brings antique trade beads to a New York jewelry designer, who strings them into mod pieces like this 32-inch necklace ($450).

5. Eco-Friendly Find:
Made from reclaimed and recycled 100-year-old Pinotea, this wooden console table ($500) is supremely functional.

6. Most Useful: “These almost look like art, but they’re sturdy and comfortable,” Campanale says of this pair of sheepskin stools ($299 each) from Patagonia.

7. Conversation Piece: Hand-glazed bottle vases ($285 for three) make striking accents.

8. Luxe Buy: Brazilian cowhide rugs ($750) are treasured for their softness and flexibility.

9. Best Investment: An XIX leather lounge chair ($799) adds comfort and style to any setup.

409 Harrison Ave., Boston, 617-423-2008,