Checked In

One fantastic South End living room with a neutral palette and plenty of bold accents.

Photograph by Mike Casey

Using their clients’ love of luxury hotels as inspiration, Patrick Planeta and Meredith Basque of PlanetaBasque design a South End living room with a neutral palette and plenty of bold accents.

1. A leather Chesterfield sofa was embellished with polished nickel studs for extra glam.

2. “It’s a commentary on city life,” Planeta says of Timorous Beasties’s printed linen pillow.

3. This Joan Walton clay vase from Vessels Gallery was modeled after seed pods and bark.

4. Custom linen sheers by Marjorie Royer Interiors “filter the light and create elegance and drama, like a sexy hotel room at night,” says Planeta.

5. Antoni Arola’s Maoré floor lamp by Santa & Cole has a double shade that creates a mesmerizing moiré pattern.

6. Striking imagery by Cuban artist Manuel Pardo “almost vibrates off the canvas,” says Planeta.

7. For contrast, the duo covered a wing chair in Bergamo fabric from Donghia. “It’s like a piece of punctuation,” Planeta says.

8. A porcelain cornucopia sculpture by Kyoko Tokumaru, purchased at Vessels Gallery, mimics flowers and leaves.

9. Glass decanters from Reside South End echo the sophistication found in spaces the clients love, like Boston’s Ames Hotel.

10. The design for PlanetaBasque’s Avenue table, made of inlaid parchment and antique nickel, was inspired by 1940s French antiques.

11. A handknotted Indian rug from Stark Carpet complements the homeowners’ Bengal cat, Koda.