Variations on a Theme: Vegetable Terrines

A look at the veggie-loaded terrines sprouting up all over town.

Now that every restaurant seems to have a charcuterie board on the menu, it’s not surprising that many local chefs are looking for ways to put a twist on the traditionally meaty bites, like the ubiquitous terrine. Restaurants such as the Blue Room, Bergamot, Pigalle, Temple Bar, and Oleana have toyed with veggie versions, crafting colorful (and nutrient-rich) terrines of everything from carrots to beets to winter squash. They may not taste quite like the meat variety, but we’ll take one of these bright, hearty starters over a wan salad any day.

Photograph by Dave Bradley.

Photograph by Dave Bradley.

At Left
Terrine of Maine Chantenay Carrots and Black Truffles, from The Blue Room
1. Jellied carrot
2. Greek yogurt with tarragon
3. Royal trumpet mushroom gelée

At Right
Terrine of Roasted Beets and Creamed Horseradish, from Pigalle
1. Puréed beet gelée
2. Roasted beets
3. Creamed horseradish