Power Case Studies

How to break into the Wellesley/Weston dinner-party circuit.


1. Buy property close to the Country Club.

You’ll be going there every day, so you might as well shorten your commute.

2. Drive anything marked X5, GL, SL, 750, Q7, or A8.

Ditch the Prius. And the Hummer, too.

3. Enlist Eric Roseff to redo your estate.

He’s an A-list interior designer and has a better Rolodex than you do, meaning he’ll connect you to all the important people you need to rub elbows with while simultaneously decorating your mansion to impress them.

4. Sign your kids up for the proper sports.

You’ll rub shoulders with the Masters of the Universe when you escort Junior to the Babson Skating Center or the Wellesley Country Club tennis program.

5. Do whatever you must to befriend Carolyn Campanelli.

The Wellesley socialite and philanthropist (and wife of former Sovereign Bank CEO Joseph Campanelli) is the toniest suburbs’ “it” girl. You want to be on her list.  — Rachel Slade

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