Fenway Park Turns 100

The 100 most fascinating characters, moments, and tales in our beloved ballpark's history.

82. Fans stake out a spot in this 1955 Jersey Street ticket line.

83. Engineers say the existing ballpark structure has 40 to 50 more years of life.

84-86. Ballpark Figures a few of Fenway’s favorite snacks, by the numbers.

Fenway Franks: 1,100,000 est. sold per season
The cost in 1967: $0.35
The cost in 2011: $5.00

Burgers: 85,000 est. sold per season
The cost in 1967: $0.50
The cost in 2011: $7.00

Narragansett Beers: 22,828 est. sold per season
The cost in 1967: $0.50
The cost in 2011: $7.25

87. The paint color used for the Green Monster and the bleacher seats is, of course, Fenway Green.

88. A group of women shoot the breeze with Sox players. The first annual Ladies Day, which featured reduced ticket prices for women, was held in 1933. The team continued the tradition into the early ’70s.

89-92. The Greatest Non-Baseball Sporting Events

  • Kid Chocolate vs. Steve Smith: Twenty-seven years before the Red Sox integrate their lineup, junior lightweight boxing world champion Kid Chocolate, a black boxer from Cuba, beats Smith, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, in a 10-round bout.
  • Everett High vs. Oak Park: (Illinois) High: The local powerhouse crushes the visitors from Illinois 80-0 in the 1914 High School Football National Championship. Seventy years later, Sports Illustrated calls that Everett squad the greatest high school football team ever.
  • Redskins vs. Giants: After falling on hard times, the Boston Braves leave Braves Field; change their name to the Redskins; and in 1933 beat the NY Giants in their first game at Fenway.
  • Bruins vs. Flyers: Frozen Fenway is the venue for the third NHL Winter Classic on January 1, 2010. The Bruins beat the Philadelphia Flyers by a score of 2-1 in overtime.