Best Burgers in Boston

We spent months devouring every burger we could get our hands on in Boston, rating them on the meatiness of their patties, the creativity of their toppings, and, really, just their degree of awesomeness. Here, we present the city's best burgers.

radius burger

Photo by Sam Kaplan.

Best Splurge: Radius

There are plenty of high-end eateries out there that slap a $20 price tag on a mediocre burger and call it upscale. Radius is not one of them. Chef-owner Michael Schlow’s bar-only creation, dubbed simply “The Burger,” boasts a well-seasoned patty; flowing, sharp Vermont cheddar; crispy onion strings; and, to top it all off, tangy, creamy horseradish sauce. It’s those premium components that make it worth the money — and the calories.
$19, 8 High St., Boston, 617-426-1234,

tina's starlight lounge burger

Photo by Sam Kaplan.

Best Turkey: Trina’s Starlight Lounge

Trading a juicy beef burger for the turkey version is like trading a Cadillac for a Kia, right? No matter how much you dress it up with fancy extras, it’s just not the same. Well, take this top-notch model at Trina’s for a spin. A moist, hearty patty tricked out with a sweet and savory blend of Swiss cheese, mustard, apple mostarda, and peppery arugula, it’s a screaming ride.
$10, 3 Beacon St., Somerville, 617-576-0006,


lucky's lounge sliders

Photo by Sam Kaplan.

Best Sliders: Lucky’s Lounge

Sliders, are, in essence, designed for convenience — great for pairing with a stiff drink at the bar, sharing with the crowd, or holding you over till the main meal arrives. The luxe versions at Lucky’s Lounge, however, are more than a mere snack: With rich Kobe beef, Muenster cheese, Applewood-smoked bacon aioli, and petite fried quail eggs, they’re a mini-me indulgence that pack the same punch as their full-size counterparts.
$15 for three, 355 Congress St., Boston, 617-357-5825,


grass fed burger

Photo by Sam Kaplan.

Best Hangover Cure: Grass Fed

J.P.’s new burger emporium offers the ultimate next-day remedy for that long night out: its already-terrific bacon cheeseburger, made morning-after appropriate with the addition of a fried farm egg and the requisite grease (in the form of a healthy smear of house mayo). Order a heap of garlic-truffle Parmesan fries on the side to obliterate what ails ya — and make your stomach incredibly happy.
$10.50 (with egg and aioli), 605 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, 617-553-2278,

tasty burger's burger

Photo by Sam Kaplan.

Best Fast-Food Style: Tasty Burger

Our favorite way to experience Tasty Burger is still the way we first fell in love with it: at 1 a.m., in need of a fast — and delicious — way to soak up those few-too-many brews. We’ve tried? ’em all here, from the brutally rich deep-fried “Blue Collar” burger to the spicy, cheese-slathered jalapeño variety. But when we’re looking for a bite of classic Americana, we go for the “Big Tasty”: chopped pickles and onions, lettuce, tomato, special sauce, and a griddled, just-thick-enough patty. It’s a late-night savior that also satisfies at the table — or on the fly from the takeout window — any time of day.
$4.95, 1301 Boylston St., Boston, 617-425-4444,


the gallows burger

Photo by Sam Kaplan.

Best Classic: The Gallows

When we’ve had one too many fancy-pants burgers, there’s nothing we crave more than the simple pleasure of meat and produce packed onto a toasted bun. And that’s exactly what we get with the Gallows’ “Our Way,” an expertly seasoned, flavor-packed patty topped with lettuce, pickles, American cheese, and grilled onions — nary a cream sauce or deep-fried pork product in sight.
$10, 1395 Washington St., Boston, 617-425-0200,