What’s Your Beef?

Whether because of a tight kitchen space or a limited menu, these local chefs have remained patty-free. To satisfy our curiosity, we asked them: "if you were serving a burger, what would it look like?"

burgersBarry Maiden, Tim Cushman, and Paul O’Connell (Photo by Scott M. Lacey)

Barry Maiden: Hungry Mother
Double Pimiento Cheeseburger
Patty: Wagyu-Angus beef from Strube Ranch in Texas.
Toppings: House-made bacon and house-made pimiento cheese.
Bun: Pan de mie topped with African benne seeds (a type of sesame seed).

Tim Cushman: O Ya
The “Tonkatsu” Burger

Patty: Mixture of ground pork butt, pork shoulder, braised pork tongue, and green onions—shaped, coated with panko bread crumbs, and deep-fried.
Toppings: Foie gras kabayaki sauce, shiso slaw with yuzu-honey dressing, and dashi apple sauce.
Bun: Soft sesame-seed brioche griddled in rendered foie-gras fat.

Paul O’Connell: Chez Henri
The “Bosbeli” Burger
Patty: Ground, 93-percent-lean Angus beef with adobo seasoning (cumin, paprika, salt, finely minced garlic) and a dash of Cholula hot sauce; seared on a cast-iron skillet with oil and butter and served rare.
Toppings: Melted Manchego cheese, sofrito ketchup (with chipotle peppers and apple cider vinegar), mustard, and cilantro.
Bun: English muffin.