Best of Boston: How We Decide

So, how do we pick the Best of Boston winners? Research, research, research. A year of restaurant hopping, clothes shopping, and sitting in salon chairs may sound like easy living, but consider the extra pounds, hefty credit card bills, and damaged hair we’re stuck with. It’s all worth it, though, to bring you hundreds of winners.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a business owner. What kind of bribe will ensure a win?
Sorry, we’re incorruptible. There’s absolutely no favoritism.

Come on. I heard all your advertisers win.
Nope. We ran the numbers, and only about 9 percent of the winners have bought ads with us in the past 12 months.

But the businesses know you’re coming in, so they spoil you, right?
We go completely anonymous — or use pseudonyms — so we receive the same service as everyone else. We get no special treatment whatsoever.

Then how will I know if you tried my business?
You won’t — but chances are, we have. It’s our job to know this town inside and out. If you’d like to be sure we’re aware of your company, e-mail us here.

Know a gem or category you wished we’d covered? Tell us! E-mail your nominations for next year’s Best of Boston to