Trade Secret: Just Peachy

Grilled Peaches

Photo by Bruce Peterson

East Coast Grill chef Jason Heard has a simple philosophy at his restaurant — don’t overdo it. So when it comes to bringing out the bold, fuss-free flavor of peak-season peaches, his secret weapon is predictably understated: a kiss of smoke. “We have a live fire grill, so it caramelizes the natural sugars inside,” Heard says. Once charred, the fruit is sliced and served with briny fried oysters, a curry-spiced rémoulade, and peppery arugula. Though Heard is partial to the large, juicy peaches that come from Georgia (his home state), in late summer he takes advantage of the New England growing season and cooks with the Vermont variety. ?And you can, too: Just top grilled peach halves with a dollop of herb butter and a sprinkling of Gorgonzola — or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, if it’s an after-dinner treat you’re after.