Solar Flair

Randolph Engineering's Aviator sunglasses are strong enough for the military and stylish too.


Photo by Teru Onishi

Randolph Engineering has been supplying the military with Aviator sunglasses for 30 years, so it goes without saying that the company’s shades do their job well. What sets the specs apart, though, is how great they look doing it. Menswear designer Michael Bastian has used the sunglasses in his runway shows for years, and has even collaborated with the Randolph-based business on two collections. Mary Waszkiewicz, Randolph ­Engineering’s marketing manager, says Bastian just seems to “get” the family-owned company’s ­aesthetic. “The glasses always end up very utilitarian and masculine-looking,” she says, “which is perfect.”

Clockwise from top, “Sportsman” sunglasses, $159, Michael Bastian for Randolph Engineering “Compass” sunglasses, $245, “P-3” sunglasses, $129, Michael Bastian for Randolph Engineering “Aviator II” sunglasses, $245, and “Intruder” sunglasses, $139, all Randolph Engineering; 781-961-6070,