Ministry of Supply Blends Fashion and Science

The local start-up uses science to create fashion-forward shirts.

Ministry of Supply, the new Boston clothing company founded by four MIT grads, is using—what else?—science to create fashion-forward shirts that are comfortable, wrinkle-free, odor-resistant, and breathable. There’s even a design element to help keep them tucked in. We had a bicycle-­commuting coworker put one of the company’s dress shirts to the test for a week, and he gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Ministry of Supply cofounder Kit Hickey says customers are responding to the line because “people currently aren’t happy with their business attire.” As proof, she points to a June fundraising project on Kickstarter for the company’s latest button-down, the “Apollo.” The goal was to raise $30,000, but the effort netted more than $400,000 in just over a month—the highest-grossing fashion project ever on the site. And after recently opening a Leather District showroom, Ministry of Supply now has plans to expand its product line into other wardrobe staples, and to produce women’s clothing, too.

Engineered to Fit
A look at Ministry of Supply’s innovative “Apollo” shirt, as worn by company cofounder Aman Advani.

boston clothing store blends fashion and science

Photo by Jessica Scranton

• Silver threads in the collar and cuffs and an all-over silver-based coating reduce odors (the metal is a naturally occurring antimicrobial).

• Funnel-like pores in the synthetic fabric wick sweat away from the skin and aid in evaporation.

• Phase change materials lining the inside regulate heat to help the body maintain a comfortable temperature. NASA uses the same technology in its space suits.

• The stretchy, knit-back panel—perfected using strain analysis, which maps how the skin moves—allows for a greater range of motion.

Ministry of Supply, 105 South St., Boston, 617-651-2340,