New Restaurant Asta to Open in Back Bay

Chef Alex Crabb of L'Espalier, Atwood's Tavern, and Lineage is changing courses by opening his first new restaurant, Asta, in Back Bay.

New Restaurant Asta Back Bay

Crabb’s whole squid with black chickpeas. (Photos by Anthony Tieuli)

New Restaurant Asta Back Bay

Scallops with farro.

He’s done it all—elaborate cuisine at L’Espalier, burgers at Atwood’s Tavern, and wood-oven-roasted dishes at Lineage, all the while apprenticing at some of the world’s finest restaurants, such as Copenhagan’s Noma. This fall, though, Alex Crabb will finally do things his way: His first restaurant, Asta, is scheduled to open in the Back Bay by October—and it will do so with a daring and exciting twist. Not only has Crabb bypassed the zeitgeisty gastropub concept, he’s also opted to offer a prix-fixe-only format. A three-course menu will feature simpler dishes, while five- and eight-course feasts will showcase elegant fare. How will the chef keep the ideas coming for all three menus? “At Noma, they have a whole research and development [department],” he says. “To stay relevant, you have to develop new recipes and always progress forward.”

47 Massachusetts Ave., Boston.