Covet: Spin Me Right ‘Round

Paul Ha puts a Technics-driven listening party at the top of his wish list.

technics turntable

Photo by Todd Dionne

When Paul Ha, the new director of MIT’s List Visual Arts Center, relocated from St. Louis to a small Cambridge condo, he had to downsize his record collection, keeping just a few hundred LPs for their aesthetic value. “The artwork on a record—as opposed to a CD—is so vastly superior,” he says. It wasn’t the first time he’d been forced to lighten his load. When he moved from New York to take a job at the Yale Art Gallery in 2001, he gave away about 1,500 albums. Ideally, Ha would love to spin his remaining vinyl on a vintage Technics SL-1200 ($450, available at Guitar Center)—not an audiophile turntable, he says, but a “workhorse that has been a standby for music lovers for the past 40 years.”