Keep It Cordial: GrandTen Distilling’s New Line of Local Craft Spirits


Photo by Lucas Zarebinski

GrandTen Distilling burst onto the local craft-spirit scene back in the spring with Wire Works, a gin punched up with coriander and cranberries. Then came Fire Puncher, a spicy flavored vodka. This winter, though, we’ll be reaching for the small South Boston distillery’s new line of soul-warming cordials: Amadine, a nutty, mild, less-sugary version of amaretto; Anjelica, a cinnamon-spiced, anjelica-root-infused elixir; and a cranberry liqueur—aged in cabernet barrels—that’s perfect for a Thanksgiving Day toast. “There’s a lot of fun stuff you can do, and a lot of great flavors out there in the cordial range,” says co-owner Matt Nuernberger. Find the new cocktail party-starters at Backbar, Deep Ellum, Emerald Lounge, and Social Wines.