Warm and Fuzzy

When the weather outside is frightful, find solace in throws delightful.

warm throws and blankets winterPhoto by Dave Bradley
Styling by John Ross/Team

Clockwise from top, vintage kantha blanket, $175, Joanne Rossman; Brahms Mount chevron blanket, $149, Diseño; Brahms Mount cotton herringbone throw, $236, Didriks; vintage kantha blanket, $175, Pod; baby-alpaca blanket, $595, Michelle Willey; Eleanor Pritchard wool blanket, $399, Lekker; Pendleton “Navajo Water” wool blanket, $298, Patch NYC; Brahms Mount merino-wool houndstooth day blanket, $415, Didriks; vintage Bolivian wool blanket, $150, Diseño. Accessories, kotobuki tray, $42, Hario “Buono” drip kettle, $75, and 1960s Japanese espresso cups, $85 for six, all Abodeon; vintage silver tray, $265, Patch NYC; Heath Ceramics bowl, $35, Didriks.