Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Shrug off winter's chill and plan your next great adventure with these unique accessories.

winter trip planning suppliesPhoto by Dave Bradley
Styling by John Ross/Team

Jeremy Rendina moon-phase wall calendar, $16, Japanese writing paper, $16, Peg & Awl wooden pencil holder, $38, retro stapler, $42, Italian colored tacks, $3, and reproduction transit letter, $12, all Sault; cylindrical vase, $116, footed tray, $240, and Iitala Vitriini glass boxes, starting at $45, all Didriks; vintage globe, $125, Abodeon; fluorescent mechanical pencil, $8.50, and “Butcher’s Twine” spool of string, $20, both Michelle Willey; Feel Good pencils, $8 for seven, metal letter, $6, vintage desk lamp, $145, brass key, $32, and postcards, $1.50 each, all Patch NYC; rubber-cover notebooks, starting at $45, Mullenberg Designs; pink-and-blue eraser, $1.50, and Lines for All Occasions books, $9.50 each, both Gracie Finn; graphite hand, $68, Joanne Rossman; Emily Gallardo weathervane desk calendar, $12, gallardoworks.etsy.com.