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Boston Bidding Wars May Be Ending—Here’s How Homebuyers Can Take Advantage

For the past several months, buying a home in the Boston area has required braving an intense storm of low inventory and high demand. With […]

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3 Smart Reasons to Consider Buying a Home Before You Sell Your Current One

Moving is an intimidating choice, and it can be hard to take a first step, so consider buying your new home before you sell the one you live in now.

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Three Facts about Cash Offers that will help you with your Homebuying Process

The basics about cash offer from a licensed agent

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5 Tips From an Agent to Get the Best Homebuying Experience This Fall

How best to buy a home this fall based on a real estate market expert’s advice

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Buying a Home? Do These 5 Things First to Beat the Competition

The market may be hot, but these insider tips can help cool it down.

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Boston Real Estate Is Booming. These Four Stats Tell Where, Why, and How to Take Advantage of the Market

Boston real estate isn’t always easy to understand. But if you look closely at the data, you start to get a clearer picture.

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Four Stats That Show Just How Hot the Suburban Real Estate Market Is Right Now

It’s no secret that this spring and summer incited a surge of suburban home sales, with eager buyers flocking to listings with more space and […]

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