Hey La, Hey La, Buddy’s Back!

buddy_s_back_bitches.jpgRhode Island politicians woke up to some bad news this morning. Convicted felon and beloved former mayor of Providence, Vincent “Buddy” Cianci will let loose on WPRO talk radio on September 20. Even those of us in Boston should listen to WPRO’s web stream, because this is going to be awesome.

. . . Cianci promised a “provocative” show and said he would be different from other talk show hosts around the country whom he characterized as “evil,” negative and pushing their own agendas on air.

“I don’t have an agenda. I’m out of politics,” Cianci said. “But I’d like to think I have some experience being in public office for so long, that I think I can ask the right questions and not be part of the problem but hope to be part of the solution.”

While believing that Buddy Cianci doesn’t have an agenda is about as wise as trusting him with a fireplace log, his show will make for great radio. Cianci is an old-school politician who knows everyone (and everyone’s brother) in Rhode Island, a guy who walked through funeral homes in Providence during his mayorship to extend his condolences to families he didn’t even know.

The September 20 show will probably consist of thickly-accented Rhode Islanders calling to wish Buddy well, to encourage him to run for mayor, governor, or president. We tease because we’re bitter Buddy didn’t stay in Boston after his release from the clink to raise holy hell with Boston’s own talk radio blowhards.