Local Man Illustrates Global Warming, with Elephants

We all know that the US pumps nearly six million tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year. What we don’t know is what that weight is in elephants. Nor do we have any way of visualizing what it would look like if we had actually pumped six million tons of elephants into the atmosphere and then let gravity do its thing. Until now.

Watertown-based animator Dave Schlafmam has submitted his short global warming PSA, “The Sky is Falling,” to a national contest (judged by the likes of George Clooney), and found out last week that he made it to the finals.

Now it falls to you, fellow Bostonian, to vote him to victory. Go here (brief reg. required), scroll down to “The Sky is Falling” and check it out. It’s brilliant. The mortifying sound effects alone are worth the time.