Commie Bashers in Cambridge?

1199977470There was an item in the Names section of the Globe this morning about the slew of enlightened Hollywood heavyweights who are in Cambridge to work on a miniseries based on Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.

Producer Chris Moore was quoted as saying that the crew got in an argument at a local watering hole, whose patrons referred to them as, “You bunch of commie [expletives].”

Where were they, The People’s Republik?

Far it be from us to cast a cynical eye on this quote, but perhaps the crew was unaware of Cambridge’s rep as, you know, a hotbed of Commie-pinko activity. Perhaps they were actually being complimented by the people Moore described as “lager louts.”

Hey you Commie bastards, come over here and have a lager. Who’s got a copy of Das Kapital?

Either that or they went to the Tavern, and no self-respecting lefty would ever go there.