Want to be P. Diddy’s Lackey?

1201277960During these tough economic times, it’s hard to keep yourself in the fur and Cristal you’ve been accustomed to in the past. Even with the “big” tax refund that could be coming our way this spring, we fear that we won’t be able to make our annual visit San Tropez.

If you can’t stand this fate, you’re in luck. P. Diddy is looking for a new assistant.

While we found the job on Media Bistro, it isn’t your average job interview. VH1 is casting its new reality show in which 20 finalists will compete for the “job of a lifetime.” We’re not sure how fetching Diddy’s Starbucks translates to the best job ever—unless you have the wherewithal to make yourself famous for doing all these tasks with style—like Fonzworth Bentley.

However, we do imagine some of you will be compelled to audition in the hope of having some pretty sweet vacations and making connections in the rap world. You can either send in a video explaining why P. Diddy needs your services, or you can wow his minions at a casting call at RAIN in Malden on February 16. Just remember to sneak us a bottle of Cristal to express your gratitude once you’ve got the job.