Your St. Patrick’s Day Alternative

It’s become a tradition for Bostonians to try and catch the Dropkick Murphys on St. Patrick’s Day. But much like trying to get Red Sox tickets the day of a game, it’s nearly impossible. You find yourself saddling up to the bar at the Cask, humbled and defeated.

1205344792But you have another option this St. Patrick’s Day. Don Imus is coming to town for his 9th Annual “Kiss Me I’m Imus” broadcast.

We know that a lot of people lost interest in Imus after his “nappy headed hos” comment last year, but his March 17 show sounds like a good one. He and his crew of hangers-on will broadcast live from the Ritz Carlton starting at 6 a.m., and will talk to former presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry and noted historian and all-around cool lady Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Jay Severin and Mike Barnicle are also scheduled to appear. While they’re not the Dropkick Murphys tickets you coveted, The Gobshites will also perform for the broadcast.

Somewhere, Howie Carr continues to mourn his indentured servitude for WRKO. We hear they only provide cupcakes with green frosting for St. Patrick’s Day. Lame.