Ricky Gervais Makes Fun of Lowell

1205956489Boston Daily has a lot of love for town newspapers. Not only do they pick up important stories that the big papers miss (Godspeed, Mr. Gobbles), but many of us got our start writing for local papers.

So you can understand our indignation when we heard that the creator of The Office was hurling insults at the Lowell Sun.

The very funny Ricky Gervais is in the area scouting locations for his upcoming movie, This Side of the Truth. Gervais is blogging the experience for his website, and posted a video of him reading this short item in the Sun about his time in the city.

Yesterday afternoon, scouts for the flick This Side of Truth were scooping [sic] out Cobblestones, a downtown Lowell hot-spot and home-away-from-home to Lowell’s glitteratti.

Lowell has glitteratti? Who knew?

Sure, it’s easy to make jokes at the expense of some ink-stained wretch making $20,000 a year to cover the news in a down-on-its-luck mill town. But when an internationally-known comedian breezes into a town and insinuates it’s some illiterate podunk backwater, it rubs us the wrong way.

Save that scorn for someone who deserves it, Ricky.