Harvard Kids Laugh At Karl Rove

1207846731You know who’s fun? Karl Rove.

I’m not kidding. Ever since he dropped his day job as a torture enabling evil genius, not only has he emerged as an ace TV analyst, but he just seems like a swell guy. A friend of mine still in college reported that when Rove was on campus giving a speech recently, he dropped by to sit in on her political journalism seminar—”and he couldn’t have been nicer!” I think that means he didn’t threaten to waterboard anybody.

It was apparently in that spirit that Krazy Karl agreed to sit down for an interview with On Harvard Time, a student-run online comedy news show. (Yes, it goes as badly as you’d expect.)

Aside from featuring probably the most useless word-association game in the history of word-association games, it’s delightfully awkward and worth a watch.

Make sure you hang on until the end. That’s when it gets a little creepy and uncomfortable. Here’s the video, via the excellent Jim Newell on wonkette.com.