Calling All New Kids Fans

1210017299This past weekend, I made a brief pit-stop at the Kiss 108 concert, where I spent time interviewing everyone’s favorite man-band, New Kids on the Block.

Despite my time in their company, I need a little help understanding the New Kids and, more specifically, the mania their fans embody. Which is where you come in, dear readers.

If you love the New Kids, then I’m asking for a moment of your time. Did you go to the Today Show appearance or watch it on TV? Did you hit the Kiss 108 concert or buy tickets for the upcoming Boston show in September? Do you already have their latest song on your iPod? More important, do you still listen to their old stuff?

Just to drive home what I’m looking for, here’s an actual conversation I had with a fan on Sunday:

Me: I just got done talking with (about to say Donnie when female fan cuts me off).

Female fan: Oh my god! Oh. My. God!

That fan was 30. Sound like someone you know? If you, or your friends, are also obsessed with the New Kids, shoot me an email and let’s chat.