Music Fix: The Low Anthem

By: Anne Vickman

The first time I heard the Providence-based band The Low Anthem I was floored. Unfortunately it was after they played a show with Annie and the Beekeepers at the Lizard Lounge a year or so ago, which I skipped because I’m an idiot. The gentle, whispery vocals of Ben Knox Miller on “Oh My God Charlie Darwin” made me regret missing what was clearly an up-and-coming indie folk group churning out songs made for hot summer nights on old wooden porches.

Fast-forward a few months: The band came back to Boston to play Club Passim. Sweet redemption was to be mine; but I had class that night. Had grad school not equated to approximately $80 per godforsaken hour, I would have skipped it in favor of the performance, but alas, the budget-conscious nerd in me conceded. And since then, up-and-come they have: Low Anthem has performed at Bonnaroo (where they’ll return this year) and on the David Letterman show, made a sweet music vid for “Oh My God Charlie Darwin” (see below), had a stint opening for the Avett Brothers on their U.S. tour, and released a new album, “Smart Flesh,” which just came out yesterday.

The band plays Old South Church next Friday, March 4, and I suggest you see them play at a small, intimate venue while you still can. I know I won’t miss it this time.

$18, buy tickets here, 8 p.m., Old South Church, 645 Boylston St., Boston, 617-536-1970,

Oh My God Charlie Darwin

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