Preview: Potiche

French actress Catherine Deneauve’s latest film opens in Boston this weekend. Potiche, by François Ozon, co-stars an aging Gerard Depardieu and is an adaptation of a play by the same name from the ’70s. The comedy takes place in 1977 and follows a trophy housewife (“potiche” is a French term for a vase or something pretty that sits on a shelf, as well as derogatory terms for a trophy wife or girlfriend) who puts on the proverbial pants by taking over her husband’s umbrella factory during a strike and proving to have the chutzpah to kick some ass, take names, and take a stand for women’s rights.

“When my daughter in the film tells me she won’t be getting an abortion, that takes me right back. Being pregnant, not wanting to or not being able to get an abortion, not being able to leave your husband…I remember how common those dilemmas were. Young women today have always had these rights; they don’t realize what big changes took place thirty years ago,” said Deneuve in a press release.

Are you interested in seeing Potiche? The first reader to e-mail me at will score a couple free passes to one showing of the flick between this Friday, April 8th and April 16th at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. Update: Congrats to our winner, Joseph Pellegrino!

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