Daily Feed

Museum of Fine Arts Project Earns Computerworld Nod. The Giza Archives Project, which links archaeological data to an interactive 3-D platform for research on the Egyptian Pyramids and the tombs at the Giza Plateau, will be honored tonight in Washington, D.C. [Sys-con.com]

Conley Case Prompts ‘Seeing is Not Believing’ Experiment. A Union College professor sets up an experiment involving a two participants, a camera, and a guy getting the tar beaten out of him to determine whether Boston police officer Kenneth Conley was wrongly convicted of lying in 1995. [NPR.com]

Little Fallout After Worcester Campus Police Pilfer Snacks from Cafe. Evidently, two patrolmen and one sergeant at the University of Worcester do not think that stealing is a crime. The officers were caught snatching sandwiches, chips and drinks from a locked cafe, but the officers walked away mostly unscathed after Chief Rosemary F. Naughton found out that everyone else was doing it, too. [Telegram.com]

WBUR Named Best Large-Market Radio Site in Country. The NPR affiliate of Boston University won the 2011 Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio Television Digital News Association for its excellence in online journalism. [BU.edu]

How Do You Celebrate a Priceless Win? $100K Champagne, for Starters. The Bruins kicked off their Stanley Cup celebrations with Saturday’s rolling rally then followed it up with a 30-liter bottle of bubbly that would even make P. Diddy blink. [Puck Daddy]