Daily Feed

In Case of Elusive Bulger, F.B.I. Now Searching for Quirky Girlfriend. Want to make some bank ($2 million, to be exact)? Find this guy. Or, you can also look for the Wilma to his Waldo, Catherine Greig. [nytimes.com]

Ragon Researchers Identify Potential HIV Vaccine Targets. Researchers at the Ragon Institute of Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT and Harvard University have identified sections of an HIV protein that could leave the virus vulnerable, a potential boon for vaccine developers. [mit.edu]

Tours in Flux After Law Bans Segways from Sidewalks. Dear Tourists, please find a new method of transportation around the city. Sincerely, Walking. Also: We love this photo. [myfoxboston.com]

With Statewide Employment on the Rise, Extra Benefits Cut from Unemployed. Approximately 6,500 unemployed Massachusetts residents will lose bennies starting July 9, with another 13,500 potentially to follow. [bizjournals.com]

Glen Davis, Now ‘Exercising his Mind,’ Admits He Wasn’t Ready for Postseason. The Celtics forward now has enough time in the offseason to work through whatever it was that caused him to all-but-disappear during the playoffs. [ESPN.com]