Daily Feed: McBride Replaces Richie at Boston Fourth of July Spectacular

Lionel Bails, and We’re Back to Country Music on the Fourth. Lionel Richie is out. Martina McBride is in. Boston staffer Matthew Reed Baker is frantically searching for the Delete key. [NECN.com]

Whitey Bulger Racketeering Case Dropped to Focus on Murder Case. A federal judge gives the OK to drop a 1995 racketeering case against Bulger to focus on the 2000 case that names him in connection with 19 murders. [NYTimes.com]

What Are The Most Well-Liked Boston Companies on Facebook? Biz Journals assembled the cool kid’s table of companies in Boston. And, no, we’re not bitter. [BizJournals.com]

Citizen Complaint: Todd English and His Stupid Valet Zone in City Square. “Please return these spots to general use until he gets his act together!!!” [UniversalHub.com]

Massholes are Forever, and New Library Photos Prove It. The historic collection of firefighting photos proves that Massholism is nothing new. [UniversalHub.com]