Daily Feed: Boston Police Increase Forces After Violent Holiday Weekend

@RepHenriquez Takes to Twitter After ‘7 Officers, 4 Cars’ at Traffic Stop. In a move reminiscent of the NFL, Rep. Carlos Henriquez takes out his frustrations, tweeting: “If you are going to pull me over you should speak to me w/ the same respect you want & do it before you find out who I am. #bospoli.” [TheBostonChannel.com]

In Response to Violent Holiday Weekend, Police Increase Forces. Now the goal is to prevent retaliation after a bloody holiday weekend that left four people dead and 15 others wounded. [Boston.com]

A Look Back at the Works of Artist Cy Twombly. Twombly, who died in Rome at age 83, studied briefly at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and achieved fame later in life. [CyTwombly.info]

Southie Tours Get a Shot in the Arm with Bulger Back in Public Eye. With Bulger due back in court today and his murder trial months away, some tour guides are capitalizing on the renewed interest by adding South Boston to their routes. [WHDH.com]

Why D.C. Wants to Be Like Boston (and Why the City Thinks It Can Be). We’re ‘equivalent’ from a historical and culinary perspective, so why aren’t our sports teams? Wait, what? [SBNation.com]