Daily Feed: Was Obama Adopted?

Was Obama Adopted? Story Detailed in New Biography, Out Next Week. Globe reporter Sally Jacobs uncovers a memo from Obama’s father that reveals plans to put him up for adoption in 1961. Now, Donald Trump must decide whether or not it’s a fake. [Politico.com]

Video: Sox ‘Impossible Dream’ Manager Dick Williams Dies at 82. “Dick was an outstanding leader who demanded excellence and accountability from all his players,” says John Henry, principal owner of the Red Sox. [YouTube.com]

Stiff Competition: Groupon Faces 32 Daily Deal Sites in Boston. Startup idea of the day: A feed reader that aggregates the dozens of daily deals in Boston. [ChicagoTribune.com]

Twitter Founder Biz Stone Excited to Evaluate ‘Cool’ Startups. As the announcement from Spark Capital leaked, @BIZ received a slew of requests via Twitter to evaluate startups. See above. [Forbes.com]

In Dorchester Bushes, An … Iguana?! Could he be the fellow that escaped last month from Mission Hill? [UniversalHub.com]