Daily Feed: Who's Cashing In On The Dunkin' Donuts IPO?

Who’s Cashing In On The Dunkin’ Donuts IPO? The rest of us will just take our cream-filleds and get back to what we were doing. [Wall Street Journal]

More Like Cash Guzzler: Mass. Gas Prices Back Up. For the first time in two months, state gas prices increased — just in time for the height of travel season. [BizJournals.com]

Eying His Legacy, Robert F. Kennedy’s Family Rethinking Place at Library. “There is a very large building, and there is a remembrance of President Kennedy and there’s one for Senator Edward Kennedy. But there is nothing out there for Robert Kennedy,” says former Representative Joseph P. Kennedy II, a son of Robert Kennedy. [NYTimes.com]

Menino Plans to Back Out of Controversial Illegal Immigration Program. He still would opt-in to the federal “Secure Communities” program if only severe criminals are targeted. [FoxNews.com]

Bill Russell Statue Finds a Home Outside City Hall. We’re thrilled that the Celtics’ great got his due. Now, three artists with local ties will submit designs in the fall. [NBA.com]

Boston U. and Boston College Decline Invite to ‘Super Conference.’ A more lucrative TV deal didn’t bait officials to lose long-standing New England rivalries. Thank goodness for common sense over cash in sports. [BCinterruption.com]