Five Reasons I'm Ready for 'Captain America' (Only Two Are About Chris Evans' Abs)

Captain America comes out tomorrow, and the early reviews are good: Hitfix calls it “one of the finest movies yet from Marvel Studios,” and Kevin Smith weighed in via Twitter that Evans’s performance was “ace.” After chatting with Evans recently, I’m excited to see the flick — especially certain parts of it. Here’s what I’m most looking forward to:

  1. The reveal of Rogers’s newly expanded, überglisteny pecs and six-pack — and the audible gasp it’s sure to elicit from the female audience members.
  2. Trying to estimate how many bottles of baby oil it took to get said pecs and abs so shiny.
  3. Imagining the sound his prosthetic feet made while hitting the pavement in the scene where he’s running with no shoes on.
  4. Hayley Atwell’s apparently kick-ass character — finally, a non-superhero female role in a comic-book movie that extends beyond damsel in distress. Also: her perfect red lipstick (and how it will no doubt magically fail to smear when she’s, you know, making it happen with the Captain).
  5. The extended trailer for next year’s The Avengers. Because I would watch a JG Wentworth commercial on repeat if it were directed by Joss Whedon.

What say ye, Bostonians? Will you be making a beeline for the theater this weekend?