Daily Feed: Has Boston's F.B.I. Not Learned Anything From Whitey Bulger?

Did the F.B.I. Not Learn Anything From Whitey Bulger? “Cutting deals with criminal informants may, at times, be a necessary if unsavory part of law enforcement. But the benefits must outweigh the costs, and it is not clear the F.B.I.’s Boston office has mastered that balance,” wrote the editors of the NYT. [NYTimes.com]

Victoria’s Secret Model Marisa Miller Films at Fenway. Filming the action movie was supposed to start in September, but some footage was shot at the Sox/A’s game on Saturday. TGFU (thank goodness for us). [AceShowBiz.com]

Why the Red Sox’s Terry Francona Should be Manager of the Year. The under-appreciated Francona hasn’t received a single first-place vote in seven seasons. Sigh. [ESPN.com]

Hazmat Crews Cleaning Up Acid Spills at Deer Island. But — unlike every other kind of clean-up going on in the city today — the spill was unrelated to Tropical Storm Irene. [Boston.com]

At MIT, Finding an RNA Switch for Stem Cells. Mitchell Guttman, who’s the first author of the new study and a grad student at MIT and the Broad Institute, has found that large RNA molecules play an important role in controlling embryonic stem cells. [TechnologyReview.com]

Pats Ousted From Gillette by Irene’s Effects. The team was forced to hit the road thanks to ongoing power outages at the stadium. Sadly, they are not the only ones still without electricity. [Herald]

Shocking Survey of the Week: Americans Fed Up With Government, But Loving The Tech Guys. According to the latest Gallup, the computer industry has earned the goodwill of nearly three-quarters of the public’s approval. Even more (albeit horrifyingly) impressive? For the first time since this annual industry/business poll began in 2001, the Government has landed dead last in public opinion, having managed to alienate a solid 63% of the populace. Someone seriously needs to rip a few pages out of the tech sector’s playbook. [CBS News]