Daily Feed: Will Roger Clemens Go Back to Trial?

Will Roger Clemens Go Back on Trial? The last trial came to a screeching halt after the prosecution made the idiotic mistake of bringing evidence previously ruled inadmissible back to court. A judge will decide today if the trial is back on again. [CNN.com]

Boston University Research Team Studying Derek Boogaard’s Brain. The BU researchers, led by Dr. Robert Cantu, will determine whether the former New York Rangers enforcer suffered from a degenerative brain condition that’s linked to repeated knocks to the head. Their findings will, no doubt, shed light on the ongoing concussions revelations that are sweeping through contact sports with the force of a Nor’easter. [WashingtonPost.com]

‘Adventure World’ is First Game by Zynga’s Cambridge Studio. FarmVille’s cousin goes live later this month, and it’s kind of like Zelda meets The Jungle Book, crossbred with Mafia Wars but without the mob. Really, though, who talks about these things? You’ll understand (if, and) when you play it. [Boston.com]

NYT Editors Support Appeal Protecting First Amendment (No Kidding). Deeming it a “vital liberty,” the editors of the NYT threw in their support for the federal appeals court decision of the right to videotape police officers in public a la Simon Gilk. Shocker. [NYTimes.com]

20 Celebs Who Attended College in Boston. Cool list, but when has anyone ever called Boston “Hollywood East”? [BostInnovation.com]