Yes, Marty McFly's Shoes Are Here

So late last week, the internet shared in a moment of total shoe love after Nike unveiled these:

Oh, so sorry, I meant these:

They’re the creation, as you’ve probably heard by now, of a joint effort by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Nike, and eBay to raise funds (via eBay auction) for the foundation in the coolest way possible (prices, if you were wondering, are as of now well into the thousands).

But after wildly applauding Michael Fox for his awesomeness, I, along with everyone else, wondered: but where are the power laces?

Well, they’re here, in this Nike patent (oh, and this guy’s worktable), and after watching this video, I’m willing to bet you they’re also sitting in a Nike development studio, as a working prototype kept under the super-tightest of wraps until 2015, when Nike’ll release them to both massive fanfare and profit.

And, while we’re indulging in could-it-be fantasy, a quick check in at the rest of the best of the Back to the Future tech for 2015, just to see where we’re at with a little more than three years to go:

Flying cars: Check

Hoverboard: Check

Holographic billboards: Not quite, as far as I can tell (at least, not with impromptu shark attacks)

Touch-free video games: Heck yes!

Smartclothes: Maybe not with auto-sleeves & self-drying, but we’ve had cancer-sensing, germ-repelling biosensor clothes for a few years now

I don’t know about you, but what with our rising population, violently changing climate, and incessant warring, the world’s a pretty grim place right now in a lot of ways. But at least it looks like we might be able to have at least a bit of fun in the future.