Daily Feed: Tom Brady Wants Us 'Nice and Rowdy' … on Gatorade

Tom Brady Wants Us to Get ‘Nice and Rowdy’ on Water and Gatorade. Yeah, PR people, we’re sure he had our hydration in mind when he advised to “start drinking early” for the home opener. [MyFoxBoston.com]

Massachusetts House Passes Casinos Bill After Hours of Debate. Years of talks, hours of debate, and more than 100 amendments (most of which were tossed) led to last night’s passing of the bill by House legislators. The bill, which includes licensing for three casinos and one slot-machine parlor, now moves over to the Senate and is expected to pass. [WashingtonPost.com]

Whitey Bulger Tipster Banks $2 Million. The FBI paid out the sum to the tipster, according to a dude from Las Vegas who unsuccessfully tried to claim the money and is now getting his 15 minutes instead. [CBSNews.com]

Meet Ben Seisler, the Guy Whose Sperm Fathered Dozens of Children. Like any great American love story, the drama really starts to unfold on reality TV when Seisler tells his fiancée that the number is up to 70. She’s not amused by his “offspring.” Come on, Ben! That’s not the way to score points with the lady. Everyone knows that. [Boston.com]

Big Y Goes the Opposite Way With Customer Service. The New England grocer is removing self-checkout lines from their stores. [ProgressiveGrocer.com]

Bob Langer, Most Cited Engineer In The World, Strikes Again. Another day, another incredibly prestigious and well-earned prize. At this point, the only thing left to win is the Nobel, and that’s probably just down the line from the sound of things. [Mass High Tech]