Five Indie Rock Shows You Shouldn't Miss

Sometimes finding a slew of good indie rock shows can be a game of feast or famine. Fortunately, the coming weeks are a hearty Boca beef stew of fantastic live shows. So save your hipster pennies (that means no cappuccinos, no splurging on that über-irreverent T-shirt you’ve been eyeballing, and no new tats) and stuff yourself with these tasty live shows. To wit:

1. Rubblebucket

Perfect for: Shaking off the last vestiges of your work week.

This Brooklyn-based eight-piece plays a mash-up of clap-along, upbeat tracks backed with trombone and sax; sometimes lead singer Kalmia Traver even spouts vocals in French. Their latest album, Omega La La, was just released this spring. Oh la la! Paradise Rock Club, Friday, September 30, 8 p.m., $15,

2. Boubacar Traore

Perfect for: That midweek culture craving.

Admittedly, Malian blues singer/songwriter Boubacar Traore is more world music than indie act, but he’s a hot ticket nonetheless — one you should make a point to see. His harmonica-laced music is gentlemanly and eloquent, inducing waves of calm thanks to a soulful voice and layered instrumentation including balafon, ngoni, and calabash. Wednesday, October 5; New England Conservatory, 12 p.m., free,; First Church in Cambridge Congregational, 8 p.m., $25,

3. Twin Shadow

Perfect for: Convincing your friends you have better taste in music than they do.

Yeah, yeah, we all know the guy left Boston’s Mad Man Films for the more creative climes of Brooklyn (anyone else getting sick of this story yet?!), but Dominican Republic native George Lewis Jr.’s still responsible for one of my favorite albums of 2010. Listen to the track “Tether Beat” and you’ll understand why — his blend of subdued, beat-driven synth and instinct for layering sonic textures is aural pleasure at its finest. Paradise Rock Club, Thursday, October 6, 8 p.m., $15,

4. Neon Indian

Perfect for: Justifying your desire to dance by telling yourself that Thursday is the new Friday.

Fronted by the Mexican-born Alan Palomo, Texas-based Neon Indian makes mighty fine electro ear candy — or at least they did in 2009, with Psychic Chasms. But then Palomo went to Finland and recorded his superlative latest endeavor, Era Extraña, which proved that the warm weather might suit him better. Either way, we’re willing to bet his live show is fantastic in any climate. Brighton Music Hall, Thursday, October 20, 8 p.m., $16,

5. Rasputina

Perfect for: Girls’ night out. Sorry, ladies, your man friends will probably want to take a pass on this one.

I may be the only person who remembers this band: a badass all-cello chick ensemble with a penchant for all things Victorian. Is this still the case? Indeed. And let’s be honest: Babes rocking out on string instruments is pretty much always a solid bet when it comes to live music. Brighton Music Hall, Friday, October 28, 9 p.m., $15,