South Park, Documentary-Style

Photograph courtesy of Comedy Central

While Trey Park and Matt Stone have been otherwise preoccupied by winning Tony awards for their Broadway debut, The Book of Mormon, I’ve been anxiously awaiting a new episode of South Park. And last night all that patience paid off. The topic du jour of this season’s mid-season kickoff? Asperger’s Syndrome. We’ll let your homophone skills kick in to figure out what direction that went in — but there’s an added bonus this week for South Park fans: on Sunday, October 9, Comedy Central will air a documentary about the actual production of the cartoon. “6 Days To Air: The Making Of South Park” is a behind-the-scenes look at how Park, Stone, and crew put together a 30-minute show in just under a week. The only thing better than all that crass, vulgar humor is a sneak peek at how the dirty minds behind it all make it happen, no? And after seeing the Creme Fraiche episode from last season, I would give my left leg to listen in on those staff meetings — but for now, this will have to do.

Check out the trailer, via South Park Studios, below: