Five Boston-esque Halloween Costumes I'd Like to See

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Wearing ridiculous, oftentimes oversize costumes and squeezing into bars and house parties with other equally enthusiastic ‘weeners has always appealed to my inner eight-year-old. Especially when the night involves run-ins with condiments, dinosaurs, superheroes, or celebrities — there’s nothing quite so outrageous as seeing mustard, a giant pterodactyl, Batman, and Snooki standing in a circle talking about last weekend’s Pats game. And because a witty Halloween getup is worth its weight in full-size Reese’s peanut butter cups, here are a few au courant costumes I’m hoping to see this year.

The beer, of course. This beer bottle costume plus a sharp, pointy object equals a tribute to one of Boston’s favorite craft brewers — and is the perfect way to start a conversation about how it’s high time that happy hour makes a comeback.

Whitey Bulger
Yeah, yeah, this one is obvious — but thanks to local costume shop iParty, finding the perfect orange jumpsuit is easy. But the real question is: Can you do a better job than Matt Damon?

Occupy Stuff
What are you currently occupying? Dewey Square? Wall Street? Your neighbor’s kegerator? A corn maze in Danvers? Whatever it is, own it. Love it. Then figure out how to make a costume out of it for the world to see.

Toothless Steven Tyler
The Aerosmith singer took a tumble in a hotel bathroom this week, an anecdote just begging for someone to take advantage of it. All you need are some retina-scalding tight pants, some clip-in hair feathers, and some black paint for your two front chompers. Wait, what? He already got new tooth implants? Whatever.

Mislabeled Fish
You could opt for the fisherman getup or dress up your little schmoo as a fish, but either way, make sure you create a wildly misleading label for it. If you’re lucky, you just might cause a violent allergic reaction in one of your fellow partygoers. How’s that for a trick?