Will Rondo's Ultimate Night on the Town

William Rondo moved to Boston to look after his baby bro, Rajon Rondo. Now, with his two-year-old company Superior Global Travel & Concierge Services, he’s taking care of the rest of the NBA (and plenty of other celebrities), too. See where he likes to send his high-flying clients when they visit one of these four cities.



Boston, Massachusetts per Will Rondo(Photo via iStockphoto)

Where to Eat: The North End hot spot Strega is a favorite of Celtics players. When clients get tired of the glitzy stuff — which they do — Rondo sends ’em to Mike’s City Diner in the South End.

Where to Go Out: Let’s be honest, this is Boston. Sure, there are clubs and fun to be had, but when anyone comes to town, Rondo likes to send them out to Castle Island, where they can relax. Or he suggests a good walk around town.



Miami, Florida, per Will Rondo(Photo via iStockphoto)

Where to Eat: The second floor of South Beach Chinese restaurant Philippe offers glassed-off rooms and long tables — perfect for feeding the entourage while maximizing privacy. It gets bonus points for allowing private diners to rock out to playlists from their own iPod.

Where to Go Out: Liv at the Fontainebleau and pool parties at the W are tops, Rondo says. For some of his other clients: “You also have the strip clubs.”

Los Angeles


Los Angeles, California, per Will Rondo(Photo via Digital Vision/Thinkstock)

Where to Eat: An aquarium snakes along the floor of Beverly Hills spot Crustacean, which also features plenty of private seating.

Where to Go Out: It’s the usual suspects, like the W and SLS hotels. But for his part, Rondo says he’d probably go looking for a good cigar bar.



Chicago, Illinois, per Will Rondo(Photo via iStockphoto)

Where to Eat: The Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center offers sweeping views of the city, sort of like the Top of the Hub — only 43 floors higher.

Where to Go Out: Rondo prefers the city’s smaller clubs and jazz lounges. The Paris Club is a favorite for his clients, because they can usually reserve a private booth or table.