Southie, You're a Stahh

The St. Patrick’s parade in South Boston. (Photo via wilbanks on Flickr.)

Apparently, everyone in Hollywood wants a piece of South Boston. Earlier this week, A&E ordered the reality series “Southie Rules” from Somerville-based Powderhouse Productions and Magilla Entertainment — it will be centered around “one wicked-stubborn native South Boston family as they battle the relentless gentrification of their neighborhood,” according to the release.

The family in question — Leah Lentini Winters, a probation officer, her mother, Camille Niedzwiecki, who lives on the floor above with her husband, and other assorted members — shares the same three-story house.

Camera crews will have to battle it out for visitor parking spaces, as 495 Productions (“Jersey Shore”) is also putting together a show for TLC. “Southie Pride” (working title), set to premiere this fall, follows five women as they “struggle to make a life for their families and protect the people they love the most.”

Of course, these shows will probably be heavy on the cat fights and controversy and light on insight. If you want a true taste of the neighborhood, just ride the Number 9 bus down Broadway at rush hour.

(We haven’t heard any comment from the “Real Housewives of South Boston” camp on these developments, but you can bet the reaction will be dramatic. Fingers crossed for a Marky Mark cousin cameo in either show.)