Taylor Swift, Wedding Crasher

taylor swiftTaylor Swift photo by rwoan on Flickr.

So perhaps you’ve heard of the angel-faced country starlet Taylor Swift, who channels her anger at her string of no-good boyfriends into heartfelt ballads about broken hearts. If you’re a nine-year-old girl, you might worship her. And if you’ve hit puberty, you’ve probably heard her songs and might have felt a little bad for her when Kanye went all Kanye and “Imma let you finish”-ed her into one of the greatest internet memes of all time. Swift’s been in the area lately with her current boyfriend, Robert Kennedy Jr.’s son Conor, with whom she brazenly crashed a Kennedy wedding this past weekend.

Conor forgot to RSVP (oops) to Kyle Kennedy’s wedding to Liam Kerr, so they texted Kyle’s mother, Victoria Gifford Kennedy (who was married to the late Michael Kennedy), an hour before the wedding to find out if the pair could attend. Vicki was all “please do not come,” but the duo decided to show up anyway. Which would seem like the actions of a pair of young things who are used to going where they please and know that really, who can turn away such an angel face? Remember how sad Swift looked when Kanye interrupted her? She can make that face while she crashes your wedding and you tell her to go away. And just imagine the face she’ll make when you tell her that her boyfriend never RSVP’d. What? I’m so surprised! You can’t stop Taylor Swift!

But as much as it may seem like a brazen act of some entitled young kids, one has to wonder if the wedding crashing is all part of Swift’s out-and-out attempt to adhere herself to the Kennedy legacy. Swift’s been open about loving the Kennedys and recently was rumored to have bought a Barnstable home next to their Hyannisport compound for $4.3 million (though it turns out that someone else snagged the property). In January’s issue of Vogue, Swift is portrayed as wise beyond her years, and looking up to American icons, perhaps as a way to help shape her own fame. In the piece, she talks about meeting her idols for the first time:

“The only time in my life I have ever been starstruck was meeting Caroline and Ethel Kennedy,” she says. “I got to spend the afternoon with Ethel a couple of weeks ago. She is one of my favorites because you look back at the pictures of her and Bobby and they always look like they are having the most fun out of everybody. You know, eleven kids, all these exotic animals on their property. I’ve read a lot about them.”

Of course, when Ethel was asked about Swift potentially joining their family, she reportedly remarked “we should be so lucky,” one of those delightful patrician phrases that could come off sweet or snarky. After crashing a family wedding, maybe she’ll have to work a little harder to win over the Kennedy clan.